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Hi! We at WindWalker Boardsports would like to welcome you to Bodega Bay. Bodega is the most unique sailing area in the San Francisco Bay Area. Why? First, Bodega offers 5 very different sailing sites. If offers everything from a shallow water learning site to speed sailing to a radical wave sailing site that was recently featured in Windsurfing Magazine. Want more? How about camping at launch sites with hot showers. Inns and restaurants are within walking distance. To this add reliable spring winds that start early in the day and are easy to forecast. The Bodega season starts in March continues to autumn. The spring wind typically start in the morning in the 6.0 to 5.0 range and build by midday to 18 to 30+ knots. The winds blow past sunset and people sometimes sail by flashlight at Bodega. In the summer the winds are lighter and don't reach short board level until late afternoon. But summer has some of the best days for lessons. If you are an intermediate or advanced sailor who wants to get a friend or spouse into windsurfing or if you want to perfect your jibes in flat water at a place with NO currents & waist deep water...This is place for you! Best of all you can rip in radical conditions nearby while they learn in easy conditions!



Windsurf lessons with WIA certified instructors in waist deep water, sandy bottom & good wind

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We make extremely light divincell EPS epoxy boards for the discerning sailor. The boards are truly custom. We spend the time to talk to you about where you sail and how you sail. Then we design the rocker, rails, the flat,straps, fin box and the flotation of the board to make it perfect for your sailing. Our boards have the finest craftsmanship and finish available. Give us a call and let's talk boards.


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Within an area of one mile Bodega offers everything from two world class sailing sites to bump & jump to surf sailing:

Hart's Beach has amazingly flat water when the tide is low and the tides slack or ebbing.

For bump & jump sailors who like to high wind but protected water there's Spud Point.

At higher tides Lower Spud inside the harbor has strong winds and small swell.

Inner Doran has flat water but powerful offshore wind so advanced sailors only.

For expert sailors Sean's Spot offers big chop and big ocean sailing.

For the expert surf sailor there is radical surf sailing when the swells over 8 feet at Caroll's Folly downwind of Bodega Rock (wave "hi" to Whitey)

See the map above for locations.

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by Mike Godsey

The Season
The Marin and Sonoma coastlines offer the most beautiful and least crowded sailing are in the San Francisco Bay Area. The launch sites have strong, early and reliable spring winds.For advanced sailors the season is best from March to July.The spring winds range from from 18 to 35+ knots. Unlike most sailing sites the winds are strong at the beach. At most of these sailing sites a crowd means more than 5 sailors. Bring sails in the 5.0 to 3.0 range. In the summer sails in the 4.5 to 6.5 range are more common.

Tomales Bay:

Tomales is 11 mile long and is over a mile wide. The bay is almost uninhabited and the west shoreline is forested and pocketed with many deep sandy coves.Sometimes when you sail to these coves there are elk on the beach. In most conditions the east shoreline along hwy. 1 has the best launching. The wind generally gets stronger as you drive closer to the mouth of the bay.The wind is usually in the 4.5 to 3.0 range in the spring from April to the end of June with the strongest wind in the late afternoon. The favorite launch site with locals is Grassy Point 1.4 miles south of Nick's Cover restaurant. But there are other launch sites anywhere you can park. Tomales offers radical port ramps on the ebb, but there are areas with starboard ramps. The water is warmer than the ocean and is about the same as Crissy Field. The winds weaken in July as the fog descends and the amount of eelgrass in the late season is a problem. There are occassional windy days in the fall but the eel grass can be thick.


Tubamancha offers surf sailing in an national wilderness area. The winds side-offshore, the waves are clean and go on forever. The downside is the 700' hike from the parking lot at Limantour Beach in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Once at the beach you have to point 1.5 miles to the sand bars where the surf peaks. The waves are thigh to over head high and easy but the wind is very strong. Due to the isolation, cold water, sharks and offshore wind Tuba is a place for experts only!

Dillon Beach

Dillon Beach offer strong winds and backside surf sailing in sharky waters.There are several launch sites. The easiest launch is from Lawson's Landing just inside the mouth. From there point up to the sand bars where the best waves are located. Alternatively you can launch from Dillon Beach and head to the bars after breaking through the shore break. There is a great beach on the far side of the mouth. Experts only, strong currents and this placers famous for white sharks.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake in Santa Rosa is a small and protected lake that is perfect for beginners to practice uphauling and basic board handling.

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